Zombies Plus Beavers Equals This Zombeavers Trailer

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Because your Saturday afternoon isn’t nearly ridiculous enough right now, we give you the new trailer for the upcoming horror film Zombeavers. Yes, you read that name right. And if you’re wondering if this movie has anything to do with beavers that are also zombies, then you are correct again, because that is exactly what is going on here.

With a name like Zombeavers, you know right away that this isn’t going to be your average, straight up scary movie, but this official trailer looks a little less tongue in cheek that you might expect. Somehow that seriousness makes it even funnier, and also helps you overlook the abundance of double-entendre beaver jokes. Then again, if you actually sit down to watch this movie—which make no mistake we will as soon as we have the opportunity—you’re probably into that sort of blue language and sense of humor.

Zombeavers boasts that it comes from producers of a hodge podge of movies like Cabin Fever, The Ring, We’re the Millers, and American Pie, which is admittedly a strange collection of titles. Here is the official synopsis:

Three college girls go on a care-free vacation of drinking games, topless sunbathing, and sexual exploration. Their frolicking fun comes to an abrupt end when toxic zombie beavers try to EAT THEM.

It sounds and looks like numerous back to nature horror movies you’ve seen before, and plays with many of the tropes and stereotypes of the genre. You have a bunch of hot girls swimming in a sketchy looking lake, sunning themselves on a splinter-covered raft, what could possibly go wrong? There also a run down cabin in the woods, sinister backwoods hillbilly, and an escape route that gets cut off. Basically, if you’ve seen it in a horror movie, then you’ll probably see it in Zombeavers. This video does raise one important question, who the hell goes swimming in a knit cap?

Just from the absurd title alone, it’s hard not to immediately think of Sharknado, and watching these nubile teens battle angry beavers, looks certifiably insane, as you would hope. Ridiculous B-movie glory is what we hope the film delivers. Hopefully this doesn’t fall into the same trap as many other movies of this ilk, where they have a while of inspired madness, but ultimately run out of story and spend the rest of the movie just filling space.

Zombeavers stars Cortney Palm, Lexi Atkins, Rachel Melvin, Hutch Dano, and Jake Weary, none of whom you’ve ever heard of.

Zombeavers is currently without distribution, though the rights are in the process of being shopped around, but at the moment there is no word on a possible release date. Bummer.