Zombieland Series Trailer Is Really Gory, Sorta Funny, Sorta Meaningless

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Did you guys see a bunch of (arguably) dumbass reports yesterday about the Zombieland pilot showing up on Amazon Prime yesterday? Yeah, so we would have written about it too, except I actually checked my Amazon Prime account and saw the thing wasn’t playing. Take that, major news!

We thought it was going to premiere today, but it looks like it will kind of go head-to-head against Eli Roth’s Netflix original series Hemlock Grove. I cannot lie that the sound of zombies versus werewolves makes me both excited and sick to my stomach. Apparently there was something glitchy going on, and while they work out those kinks, there’s the above trailer to watch. Or should I say, deal with.

Props to Amazon Prime for picking this as their first original series, and I can’t deny that the writing, the effects, and the direction could prove to be amazing, and this could be a truly enjoyable series. On some other planet. Because fuck that cast. I understand that budget constraints are going to dull things down, and that hopes for actors coming anything close to Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, or Abigail Breslin were misplaced from the word “go,” but this is just miserable. Or maybe it’s terrible writing, making these guys seem extremely self-aware so early on in a series.

I’d have enjoyed seeing something more horrific and slightly less comedic. It looks like they poured some money into these effects though, and that will probably be what keeps me going, just like with The Walking Dead. At least this won’t take itself so seriously. I can’t imagine a plotline that will continue this thing forward, but hey, I’m just a lowly writer.

But fuck those cheesy title graphics. I wrote that.

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