Zombieland Pilot’s Young Star Wrote And Produced An Anti-Bullying Short

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

zombieland the seriesWhile this story isn’t really steeped in science fiction, or even tiptoeing in it, it’s winter weather during Thanksgiving, so our Giant Freakin’ Robot hearts are warming up to things that have a good message behind them, free from alien tyranny. You may recall the shoddy Amazon pilot for Zombieland that didn’t go beyond the single episode. Izabela Vidovic, the young girl who played Little Rock, wrote and produced the upcoming short film Because These Kids Are…, which shines a light on the problems that bullying causes with a unique way of tackling the issue.

Directed by Brian Patrick McGuire, the short follows Vidovic’s Kat, who watches a group of children hassle a young boy. Rather than run over and interject herself into their argument, she is inspired to draw the situation, which apparently makes the bully think twice about what he’s doing. Or maybe he beats her up and steals it. I can’t tell because it’s not out yet.

Currently, the 10-minute short doesn’t have a specific release date, but it will soon be available for schools to use to show their students that schoolyard crime doesn’t pay. Check out the
trailer below, and just picture it taking place with a dystopian future as a backdrop, and it all takes place on the moon, and everyone is part robot.

And here you can listen to the precocious Vidovic talk to Queen Latifah about what influenced her to write this short at her age.

If anybody filmed the movies I was writing at 12 years old, I probably wouldn’t be a free man right now. Luckily, the only people who randomly attempted to bully me were bigger losers than I was, so it didn’t work out so well for them. I should only wish that everyone else was so lucky.

Vidovic, daughter of actress Elizabeta Vidovic, will soon be seen as Jason Statham’s daughter in the Southern action romp Homefront, and in David Hillenbrand’s dark drama Grave Secrets. She’ll also star in The CW’s upcoming sci-fi series The Hundred, which is set to premiere in January. Below you can watch the trailer for another short film Vidovic did with McGuire called Complexion.