Zombeavers Stills Give You Something To Bite Down On

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

zombeaversIf you’ve gotten completely sick of films and TV shows about zombies, it’s an understandable feeling. The zeitgeist has really taken to the undead and brainless creatures in a way that…OH WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? Oh, never mind. It’s just a mostly harmless beaver smiling at me. So as I was saying, the pop culture stratosphere is completely…HOLY SHIT, THAT BEAVER IS COVERED IN BLOOD AND CURRENTLY BITING ME! This must be one of those Zombeavers we’ve been hearing about so much recently. I’ll be sure and find this little guy a good home as soon as…I’M BLEEDING OUT!

Zombeavers director Jordan Rubin met up with Entertainment Weekly to reveal a few set photos to the world, and to give some insight as to how he and co-screenwriters Al and Jon Kaplan arrived at such a silly premise. (Albeit one that I still would never want to find myself in the middle of.) I don’t do well with animals whose tails pack more of a punch than my own fists. Plus, I’m not big on dying outdoors.

(It’s worth noting that these images actually already appeared at DreadCentral, so EW’s claim of exclusivity is in error. But it’s all new to us!)

Zombeavers‘ plot is as simple as you imagine it to be. A group of young adults all head out to a cabin in the woods, which just so happens to sit near a lake where toxic waste-altered beavers have developed a taste for blood. I’m not sure where comedian Bill Burr and CSI: Miami‘s Rex Linn will fit in, but I can’t wait to find out.

Part of the awesomeness behind this low-budget flick is in the well-designed practical effects and gore, and Rubin says that’s the point. Plenty of real beaver puppets and models came into play, ranging from super realistic to something to use during explosions.

“Everything’s in camera,” Rubin said, “which I think just looks better and it’s more fun. I’m a huge fan of Gremlins, where it was all practical effects. I actually got to meet Joe Dante the other day. He apparently said, after I left, ‘Zombeavers? Why didn’t I think of that?’ I don’t know if he was joking or not.” That’s a pretty big compliment, as Gremlins was a modern groundbreaker in mixing dark comedy into horror.

In the image seen up top, Buck (Peter Gilroy) is trying to escape the lake with a squad of killer beavers following him. And below you’ll see some BTS shots of Rubin and the cast. The most striking, of course, is seeing Linn get some truly heinous looking prosthetics applied to his face.




With a long list of producers, Zombeavers attacks U.S. theaters at some point in 2014, but no finalized date has been set just yet. Sit back and howl at the film’s first trailer below. And not to pat myself on the back, but I think I did a dam fine job not using any puns in this…WELL SHIT, THERE IT WAS.

zombeavers poster