Zoe Saldana Talks Guardians Of The Galaxy, Confirms Practical Effects For Gamora

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Yesterday, Marvel Studios producer Kevin Feige officially announced that actress Zoe Saldana will join the cast of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie for director James Gunn. Saldana will play Thanos’ adopted daughter, Gamora, the deadliest woman in the galaxy.

While in London, England promoting J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness, the 34-year-old actress talked very briefly about the new cosmic superhero team-up movie for Marvel Studios. When Absolute Radio caught up with Saldana while on the Star Trek Into Darkness red carpet and asked her about Guardians, she exclaimed, “I’m gonna be green!” She mentions that she wasn’t familiar with the original source material, but she loved the script and got along with the film’s writer and director James Gunn when they first met.

While talking to Total Film, Zoe Saldana mentioned that she will wear makeup to portray Gamora in Guardians, rather than using a motion-capture suit to bring the character to life (as she did for the character of Neytiri in James Cameron’s Avatar). You can watch that interview below:

If Marvel will be going the practical route to bring Gamora, will they do the same for Drax the Destroyer? Drax is also green, but you don’t cast someone as big and muscular as Dave Bautista if you’re going to put him in a motion-capture suit.

On the other hand, characters like Rocket Raccoon and Groot, both of which have yet to be cast, would have to be motion capture CGI characters. It would be almost impossible to create a realistic live-action representation of a talking raccoon and a walking tree using practical effects and costumes.

Production on Guardians of the Galaxy will begin this June in London, England, while the Marvel movie will hit theaters everywhere on August 1, 2014, in 3D.

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