Zachary Quinto’s Sincerely Ultra-Real New Star Trek Into Darkness Clip

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

I have to wonder how many hearts started pounding ferociously when it looked like Zachary Quinto was actually going to reveal unseen footage from Star Trek: Into Darkness on Conan O’Brien last night. I’m sure a rumbling mass of Tweets and texts would have unleashed themselves upon the world had it actually happened during the taping, but I like to think about one-eighth of every fan’s being got super-excited just before Conan’s stilted excitement and the lame fonts from the title mock-up brought them crashing back to reality. I like when people get their hopes up for nothing over something non-life threatening.

Quinto’s clip comes as a belated strike back against the notorious three-frame “preview” that J.J. Abrams “showed” Conan audiences a couple of months back. The Internet runs wild with shit like this. You’re reading my case in point. (That was meta.) Watch the clip below.

I would not want to be the guy from Paramount who has to hire the guy who has to subpoena Quinto for his obvious breach of contract. Warner Bros. might want to get in on that for Quinto’s curly-q hair dangling above his eye.

It’s a clip that further pulls the wool back from my eyes, revealing just how much I enjoy Quinto as an actor and a person. From his early bit work — Six Feet Under! — to meatier things like 24 and especially the ham-fisting in American Horror Story, he’s an equal mixture of everything that makes a performer engaging. His Spock performance was a fine example of this, and as someone who’d given the Star Trek franchise a lifelong “meh” before Abrams’ reboot, I can appreciate it on an equal level with those worried of his failure. Pardon my sci-fi blasphemy just then.

So obviously it isn’t real footage, but let’s pretend the line he read was actual dialogue. I’ll be the first to say I think the exploding aliens are tiny, and are embedded in Andy Richter’s man-baby cheeks, giving them their poofyness. But I’ve been wrong before.

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