X-Wing Soapbox Racer May Not Look Like Much, But She’s Got It Where It Counts

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

The ingenuity of crafty geeks never ceases to amaze me. Yesterday we saw a Star Wars pet shelter built entirely for the sake of a pun, and now I’ve stumbled across a rather awesome soapbox racer that would fit right in with Red Squadron.

The racer, based on the iconic T-65 X-wing fighter, was created back in 2011 by Instructables user The Papier Boy, who designed the craft to compete in the Nazareth Adult Soapbox Derby. He explains in the blog post what his initial goals were:

I had my heart set on a few key design features that I knew would make the car really badass: 1) I wanted a R2 droid that spun and made sounds, 2) I wanted the wings to open and close. Very early on I abandoned the open/closing wing idea. I just couldn’t make it happen in the budget and time that I had. But I was pretty sure I could easily get the droid to spin and talk.

He even uploaded a short video of his R2 droid in action.

You can read Papier Boy’s full account of creating the racer, and you see more pictures of the X-wing’s construction, at the original Instructables post.