X-Files Vet James Wong Writing Very X-Files-y New Show For A&E

By David Wharton | 8 years ago


If you were die-hard X-Files fan from back in the day, you probably already know the name “James Wong.” Along with his writing partner Glen Morgan, they wrote tons of memorable X-Files and Millennium episodes, as well as the short-lived Space: Above and Beyond. In more recent years, Wong has worked on shows like The Event and American Horror Story. Now it looks like Wong will be going back to his roots, as he is penning a very X-Files-y new scripted series for A&E.

Called Occult, the series stars Josh Lucas (The Firm) as an FBI agent who lost his marbles and was put on administrative leave after his wife went missing. Some time later, he returns to the force with something to prove and is paired with an agent who specializes in the occult Lynn Collins (Dejah Thoris from last year’s John Carter). Together, they form an “occult crimes task force” and presumably investigate all the stuff that’s been falling through the cracks since Mulder and Scully retired. I’m assuming Lucas’ Agent Dolan will be the skeptic in this partnership, which will flip the X-Files dynamic on its head.

Deadline reports that Occult is being produced by Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes partners, with Wong also executive producing. It also seems likely that Wong would serve as showrunner if Occult goes to series, but that’s just speculation at this point.

A&E hasn’t traditionally been home to scripted series, but it’s following in the footsteps of many other cable networks and developing more material of this sort. A&E has the Psycho spinoff/reboot/sort-of prequel arriving next week, and they’ve also got the “female detective hunts serial killers” series Those Who Kill in the works as well.

Here’s hoping Occult makes it to series. We could use another genre procedural show in the absence of Fringe.