Everything Wrong With Avatar In Four Minutes

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Remember the low-budget indie flick from that first-time director that had the blue people in it? I think it was called Avatar, from that guy Jimmy Camel or something. It went straight to video where it didn’t do well, and you, like everyone else, probably forgot all about it, and the director was never heard from again. Obviously, much about the previous sentences is wrong. The guys from CinemaSins are back to tell you everything wrong with Avatar itself, matching the four-minute time limit they used for Prometheus, so you know there are quite a few here. That’s usually the case with biopics.

These videos are obviously made for humor’s sake, but should still be called “A Few Wrong Things and a Ton of Jokes in 4 Minutes.” (My favorite joke by far was the one putting Michelle Rodriguez’s gender in question.) Still, they do hit upon the myriad problems that people discussed once the film had been released, such as the planetary physics and, well, the central plot in general, filled with genre tropes passing themselves off as intelligent and dramatic writing.

Some egregious bits they pegged well were how easily the beasts were killed, the Wile E. Coyote survivable fall, and the Ranger Rick reference. I’d love to see a film set in the future that is chock-full of made-up references from events that haven’t happened yet. The film gets 64 sins in total. How many more can you find?

And if you missed the Prometheus version, you can watch it right here.

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