Wringing Out A Washcloth Is More Fun On The ISS

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

It’s one of life’s great truths that pretty much any activity you can think of automatically becomes more awesome when you tack “in outer space” onto the end of it. Going out for a walk…in outer space. Getting a haircut…in outer space. Filing your taxes…in outer space. On a less theoretical note, we have the video above, which addresses the question, “What happens when you wring out a soaking-wet washcloth…in outer space?”

Once again, our guide through this bit of science badassery is Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield, who spends his off-the-clock time up on the International Space Station answering viewer-submitted questions about crazy space stuff such as the above. In the past, he’s demonstrated how astronauts wash their hands, what happens if they cry, and even how to make a tasty serving of space nachos. We kind of love the guy, and we’ll be sad when he finally joins us back down here at the bottom of the gravity well.

It’s great how Hadfield has been engaging students, and there are probably few better ways to get kids interested in science than seeing somebody do cool experiments while floating around the room. Our hat’s off to you, sir, and now let’s check out that duet you sang with one of the Barenaked Ladies guys…in outer space.