Wreck-It Ralph Trailer Takes Us From 8-Bit To Next Gen

By Will LeBlanc | 9 years ago

In this the biggest week of the year in gaming, E3 fever has taken over the web and millions of gamers have their faces glued to the internet waiting for whatever the big three are going to feed them this year. With that kind of guaranteed viewership, it makes a ton of sense that Disney would premiere the trailer for its upcoming videogame-related flick, Wreck-It Ralph.

Chronicling the hard life of a disrespected video game baddie, Ralph follows the title character on a life-changing journey as he walks away from his own game in order to see other video game worlds, and experience what it’s like to be what he really wants to be… a good guy. Scope out the really cool trailer below.

The great thing about Disney Animation is that they manage to tell wonderful stories without bogging viewers down with so much moral heft that they walk out of a theater feeling like they just took a philosophy midterm. Don’t get me wrong. Pixar is the greatest working production studio on the planet and no less than three of their films or permanently locked in my top ten all-time list, but sometimes we just want to have fun, and that’s where Disney comes in.

2010’s Tangled surprised everyone with their retelling of Rapunzel, Bolt managed to be a likable adventure, and Meet the Robinsons, my personal favorite of their non-traditionally animated features, is big time fun. Wreck-It Ralph looks about on the same level as all of those plus it adds the whole video game element that most of us will love. We get to see the Donkey Kong and Metroid roots in the trailer, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what other games this takes us through in November.

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