Wranglers Of Death Trailer: It’s Kind Of Like City Slickers With Zombies

By Josh Tyler | Published

When The Walking Dead revealed that mild-mannered farmer Herschel was keeping and feeding zombies in his barn last season, everyone called him crazy. You can’t keep zombies like cattle, the undead are only good for one thing: and that’s killing.

Or maybe not.

Wranglers of Death presents a world where zombies are kept like cattle, and must be herded to Hollywood en masse for the filming of a new zombie film. Watch the trailer for Wranglers of Death below and remember, don’t kill the stock…

Wranglers of Death is just a fun viral trailer and there’s not actually a real movie that may at some point be released somewhere. It may be an April Fools prank, but the thing is it was actually released before April Fools. Dirty pool MSN.