Worth Remembering: Which RoboCop Is The Robo-Best?

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

robocopThe Partner: Anne Lewis vs. Jack Lewis
It’s almost insulting to Nancy Allen’s Anne (and by extension Michael K. Williams) that this category even exists. In the original, Anne wasn’t exactly a pillar of thespianism in her reactions to seeing her partner get blown to bits, or any other part in the movie, but she was still a major player in Murphy’s quest to regain his humanity. She was an ally in a corrupt environment where those were few and far between.

It was outrageously exciting when Williams got the partner role, even as it seemed like a pointless gender switch, but it ended up being a part more fitting for an animal than either a woman or a man. The padding given to Clara’s character probably took away much of what should have been between the two officers, as Jack is mainly “the person Murphy talks to less than his wife.” They could have teamed up for a truly awesome mini-mission to avenge Murphy’s murder, but the script unfortunately went a different route.

The Winner: Anne Lewis
This should have been the runaway win for the reboot. Alas, Jack Lewis is a cop that Williams’ The Wire character Omar would have no trouble putting down.

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