The Best And Worst Time Travelers To Time Travel With (Other Than The Doctor)

By David Wharton | 5 years ago

HotTubHell Yes: The Hot Tub Time Machine guys
If you’re going to travel through time, stewing in a bubbling cauldron with a few of your friends, getting drunk and doing coke seems like as enjoyable a way to go about it as you can imagine. And who among us hasn’t wished, at one time or another, that we had the chance at a do-over in our lives like the guys from Hot Tub Time Machine? You know you have a moment where you regret that you didn’t make a move, or should have called off a relationship. Maybe you could have prevented a terrible tragedy, or maybe you, too, just want to go back in time and invent Google, invest in Apple, or see Crispin Glover get his arm ripped off. [Just try not to become your best bud’s dad. – Ed.]

PrimerHell No: The Primer guys
Some people get to cruise through time in style, inside a phone booth, a TARDIS, or a badass hover-converted DeLorean. And then there’s whatever the hell’s going on in Primer. Don’t get us wrong, we love Shane Carruth’s mind-bending tale, and it has the sort of mundane verisimilitude that makes you believe that, if somebody ever really did invent time travel, this is probably how it would play out. But it’s also not the most exciting of temporal journeys. No tumbling through a colorful time vortex or slingshotting around the sun. Instead you get to lie alone inside a small box inside a storage unit for six hours. This is clearly not the preferred time travel method for claustrophobics. As for the guys who made the machine, they seem nice enough, but the constant technobabble would give us a headache, so we’d probably ditch them as soon as we arrived in the past. Although, honestly, we’re still not entirely sure we understand how the timeline works in Primer, so there’s a really good chance we’d end up erasing our own timeline or something.

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