The Best And Worst Time Travelers To Time Travel With (Other Than The Doctor)

By David Wharton | 5 years ago

McFlyHell Yes: Marty McFly
Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) might turn into a whiny little brat a few times during the course of the Back to the Future movies, but the pros far outweigh the cons in this situation. If you’re going to travel through time, rolling up in a DeLorean is the way to do it. A stainless steel sports car with gullwing doors just screams, “I’m from the future, motherfuckers.” Plus, when you hop time periods with Marty, you’ll get to witness key cultural events like the invention of rock and roll and the skateboard. You also get to live out every kid’s wild west, Clint Eastwood gunslinger fantasy in the actual wild west, and, when you travel to the future, you will finally get the chance to ride that hoverboard that we’ve been waiting on for 25 years now. That alone is worth hitching a ride with the young Mr. McFly and that sweet life-jacket vest he wears.

DocBrownHell No: Doc Brown
It would, admittedly, be pretty fun to hang out with Doctor Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd). No matter what time period you’re in, kicking it with a mad scientist is always high on our list of priorities. And again, if you’re going to travel through time, a modified DeLorean isn’t a half bad way to go about it. While there are these obvious upsides, there is also one major issue you’ll have to contend with. In true mad scientist form, Doc Brown is total wing-nut who is somewhat lacking in social skills. As you see in the Back to the Future movies, this can lead to sticky situations. After all, early on in the first movie, Libyan terrorists murder him in the parking lot of a shopping mall. And in Part 3, his oblivious ways and scattered persona put him at odds with a notorious gunslinger. If you’re okay with dealing with these types of scenarios, by all means hop in the DeLorean with Doc Brown, but if you’d rather not take that chance, you might consider sitting this one out.

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