World War Z Poster And Stills Look Familiar

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

World War Z Poster

Slowly but surely we’re checking off the days until June 21 rolls around and we finally see Brad Pitt fight zombies in Marc Forster’s World War Z. Now we have the latest bit of promotional material, in the form of a sort of new poster and a handful of new pictures. This follows hot on the heels of three TV spots we showed you yesterday.

By now most of you are probably familiar with the well-publicized troubles World War Z went through during production. There were multiple intense rewrites of the final act, as well as extensive reshoots. Still, for all the problems, the initial reactions to the film have been super positive. Seriously, if Deborah Norville, Katie Couric, and Kevin Bacon all praise your movie, you know you’re doing something right. One tweet from them is probably worth all the Internet movie reviews online at the box office.

This poster may look familiar to some of you. Keeping with World War Z’s habit of recycling—seemingly every trailer and promo is made up of the same few bits of footage, even more than most movies—this image already appeared on a poster. Before it was Brad Pitt’s UN worker Gerry Lane kneeling in a helicopter, witnessing the destruction of a city. Now it’s totally different: he’s kneeling on a rooftop, with a machine gun—you’ll need that for zombie killing—witnessing the destruction of a city. They just lowered his arm, Photoshopped in a rifle, and swapped out the setting. I don’t particularly care, but it is a pretty conspicuous image to reuse.

Based on the best-selling novel by Max Brooks, World War Z also stars Eric West, Matthew Fox, James Badge Dale, Mireille Enos, David Andrews, Elyes Gabel, and David Morse.

Are any of you excited for World War Z? I find that, the closer it gets, I’m actually looking forward to seeing this.

World War Z Pitt And Enos

World War Z Pitt

World War Z Pitt

World War Z Dive

World War Z Pitt and Forster

World War Z Zombie Pile

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