World War Z Concept Art Paints Zombies And Destruction

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

World War ZWorld War Z has just given Brad Pitt the biggest opening weekend of any film he’s ever been in, outpacing the juggernaut that was Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Given the troubled production, the movie turned out surprisingly good. Don’t attempt to compare it to Max Brooks’ best-selling novel that served as the source material, because these are two very different things. What the film does have is a ton of zombie action. A new compendium of concept art shows you the road map they used to create swarms of the undead.

These images come from Shock Till You Drop and Film School Rejects (originating in the just-released book World War Z: The Art of the Film), and focus on the zombies both as individuals, as well as showing them from a larger perspective. While I really like what the movie does with the zombies as a whole — portraying them as a force of nature — on a one-on-one level, they just look like really hungry meth addicts.

World War Z

When you look at the photo of zombies piling up on top of one another, this perfectly illustrates what I mean when I say they’re a force of nature. Watching them spill across open spaces, overturning cars, wrecking everything in their path, is like watching a flash flood. In this photo they even resemble the crest of a wave, one about to break on the human race.

The paintings that look like they would be filmed from above give you a good feel for the way director Marc Forster filmed many of the wide shots. They’re big, sweeping helicopter shots that really drive home the scale and scope of the destruction.

World War Z is now wreaking havoc worldwide, and the sequels will come down the pipe eventually.

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