Word Of Advice From Oliver Stone To Taylor Kitsch After Two Box Office Bombs

By Rudie Obias | Published

Taylor Kitsch is not having a very good year. Following his long run on TV’s Friday Night Lights, Kitsch starred in two tentpole science fiction movies, John Carter and Battleship, that did not live up to the studio’s huge expectations. But Taylor Kitsch’s Savages director, Oliver Stone, reportedly gave him some words of wisdom to cheer up the would-be movie star.

In an interview with THR, Taylor Kitsch revealed Oliver Stone, in an email, told him,

“With any job there is always going to be self-doubt that creeps in, but know that you are going to have a long career,”

Taylor will star in Oliver Stone’s latest film, Savages. Kitsch plays the character Chon, along with his brother Ben (Aaron Johnson), the two are pot growers who finds themselves in a face off against the Mexican drug cartel who kidnapped their shared girlfriend, O (Blake Lively). Savages opens on July 6th.

John Carter was considered dead on arrival after news broke of the film’s budget, a whopping $250 million. The opening weekend was disappointing, opening in second place after Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, with a $30 box office haul. In the end it grossed $282 million worldwide, but only $72 million of that was its domestic take. Honestly, the movie wasn’t bad at all. It’s a good piece of science fiction, full of imagination and world building.

Battleship was even more disappointing than John Carter. It opened to a disheartening $25 million after a strong international box office of $215 million. It never made it to first place, stuck behind the juggernaut known as The Avengers. Battleship has only taken in about $60 million so far. A\

I’m not sure what this really means for Taylor Kitsch’s career. I thought he was fine in John Carter but very much off in Battleship as an action star. Maybe American audiences don’t want to see Taylor Kitsch in a starring role but rather a supporting one? I think he’s a good enough actor but I haven’t seen him in anything impressive outside of Friday Night Lights. Maybe Oliver Stone’s Savages will turn things around for Taylor Kitsch’s career.