Go Back To The Wonderful Life Of The Future In This Fan-Made Video

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Sure, we’ve already put the Christmas holiday season behind us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have some movie mash-up fun while we sweep up Christmas tree needles and await the Raising Hope/Back to the Future episode.

A couple of years ago, YouTube user skeejay uploaded a short, but fairly convincing, comparison between BTTF and Frank Capra’s classic winter mainstay, It’s a Wonderful Life. How inspired was Robert Zemeckis by George Bailey’s futile attempts to alter a time-frame in which he didn’t exist? Probably not that much, but there are enough coincidences and near-hits to fill the next minute and a half of your life.

Admittedly, we could probably find people screaming, “God, no!” multiple times in 75 percent of all movies, but it’s still fun to think about. Now to search the Internet for that Spin City/A Christmas Carol mash-up that I just know is out there somewhere. And if it isn’t, maybe one of you guys can hop in the DeLorean and make it before I write this. Just go slow when you’re driving over the bridge. You never know who might be up there wanting to live again.

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