WonderCon 2012: Snow White and the Huntsman

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

Snow White is a hot commodity right now, but Snow White and the Huntsman seems to be the most ass-kicking adaptation coming out. Universal brings the film and creative team to WonderCon to discuss their take on the classic fairy tale.

2:35: Director Rupert Sanders argues that the original Snow White tale has universal appeal, which is what they are shooting for in this film. After a brief bit of discussion on the topic, he brings out actresses Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart, who play Queen Ravenna and Snow White, respectively.

2:37: Charlize Theron’s favorite part of playing a character so well-known, and with a variety of preconceived notions attached, was “fucking with that.”

2:38: Actor Chris Hemsworth, who plays The Huntsman, dropped out of the panel, but the director and cast tout his emotionality and performance in the film (aside from his obvious physical merits).

2:40: The audience is treated to a special five-minute scene! Where most of the other trailers have focused largely on the Queen and the battle sequences, this promo shows us a great deal more about the world of the film and the plot. We see Snow White’s daring but desperate escape from the Queen’s dungeon, some of the terrifying creatures of the Dark Forest, and the (romantic?) relationship between the Huntsman and Snow White.

2:49: In answering a question regarding her recent “evil” or “cruel” turns on-screen, Charlize Theron says that, just as Picasso had his Blue Period, this is her “Bitch Period.”

2:54: Sanders, Stewart, and Theron continue to emphasize the way the film fleshes out and provides depth to the archetypes we might be familiar with.

2:57: The panel ends without any additional footage or Twitter hashtag push, which is definitely the exception to the rule today.