First Look At Wizards Vs. Aliens From Doctor Who’s Russell T. Davies

By Jenny Xu | 9 years ago

Russell T. Davies, reviver of Doctor Who, is coming out with a new show co-written with Phil Ford. This new project is geared towards kids: Wizards Vs. Aliens. Starring fresh faces Scott Haran (boy in the red in the photo below) as 16 year-old main character Tom Clarke and Percelle Ascott (guy with the nerd glasses) as his best friend and science geek Benny, the two will be facing down an invasion by the Nekross aliens. There’s a twist of course (bet you didn’t see this one coming), Tom and his family are wizards. And the aliens “devour” magic.

Scott Haran as Tom Clarke and Percelle Ascott as Benny Sherwood in Wizards vs. Aliens

The image comes from Bleeding Cool, where they’ve been following the development of Wizards vs. Aliens closely.

It’s understandable that, after passing the job onto Steven Moffat and the tragic death of Elisabeth Sladen that ended the Sarah Jane Adventures, Davies went in a different direction for his next show. Wizards Vs. Aliens though?  Well, since they’ve already done Predators Vs. Aliens, Cowboys Vs. Aliens, Various Humans Vs. Aliens, Monsters Vs. Aliens, Godzilla Vs. Aliens, perhaps it’s only logical to pit Harry and Ron—sorry, Benny and Tom, against Aliens as well.

The whole ordinary boy who is secretly a wizard, “unlikely hero” shtick sounds a tad too familiar though, which is probably why aliens were added to the mix. The only reason I’m not blowing this off completely is because, well, this man brought back Doctor Who. If he can do that, maybe he can make magical wands vs. phasers work.< Wizards vs. Aliens will include a few familiar faces for Doctor Who fans: Annette Badland, Don Gilet, and Nina Sosanya, all of whom have made guest appearances on Doctor Who, will be in the series, the latter two as Benny’s parents. Filming is currently underway for the first 12 episode season and will air in Fall 2012.

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