Winnie Cooper And A Flamethrower In Tasmanian Devils Trailer

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

This goes in the “best thing I’ve seen all day” file. When walking into a Syfy Original Movie we all know to expect something completely and utterly ridiculous. After all, this is the network that unleashed Sharktopus on the world. Few of their efforts, however, have looked as totally absurd, and utterly amazing, as Tasmanian Devils, set to premiere on Saturday, January 19. The offering stars Danica McKellar (yes, we mean Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years), Olympic gold medalist (and Dancing With the Stars winner) Apollo Anton Ohno, and a flamethrower.

Don’t take my word for it watch the trailer for yourself.

Words fail to describe the majesty contained in this video. There’s significantly more gore than one might expect. Take, for instance, that shot of Ohno being impaled on stalagmite, you can see all up into his guts as his body splits in two. Eww. And don’t get me started on the rest of the face ripping, rotor shredding, monster exploding goodness. This is the directorial debut of 28-year-old special effects artist Zach Lipovsky, and his skills appear to be on full display here.

Tasmanian Devils is going to be worth watching for that last shot alone, the silhouette of someone hurling themselves off of a cliff while being chased by what looks like one of those big dogs from Ghostbusters.

Does it really matter what this is about? There are cheesy monsters on the warpath, blood splatter galore, and, again, Winnie Cooper with a flamethrower. Trust me, you’re not doing anything better than this on Saturday.

It’s always nice to see McKellar pop up. After the end of The Wonder Years, she took a bit of a career departure to study theoretical mathematics.

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