Win A Star Trek Into Darkness Uniform!

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago


When you consider all the ways that Star Trek Into Darkness has already been advertised, it’s either awesome or it’s overkill that they keep finding new ways to keep people interested. For all other intents and purposes, May is welcome to take forever to get here. But when it comes to Into Darkness, it’s going to be quite a stretch until it opens May 17th nationwide. Or May 15th for IMAX.

But now you have a chance to win one of 50 uniform costumes from Into Darkness, so you can spend the weeks before the film’s release in a permanent state of cosplay, totally jazzed because you’ve never won anything in your life except for that second grade spelling bee where your last two words were coincidentally “future” and “hermit.” In any case, it would be really cool to own a piece of movie memorabilia like this, am I right?

All you have to do to enter is access the Sweepstakes section of the Star Trek Into Darkness app before the March 31st deadline. You can enter once a day, so you’ll have five chances if you get on it now. Or more if you happen to have downloaded the app through several different emails. It’s only for U.S. and Canadian users, however, so the U.K. will have to settle for getting Into Darkness a week before us.

So I’ll start the first piece of fan fiction, and you guys continue it…

Uhura dropped her pencil-from-the-future on the floor behind the commander chair, and my new uniform I won in a contest started to feel pretty tight and scratchy. I cleared my throat and spoke. “You know, Spock’s ears aren’t the only impressively pointy bits of cartilage on this ship.”