William Shatner’s Get A Life Trailer Boldly Goes Where No Icon Has Gone Before

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

William Shatner owes a big chunk of his career to playing Captain James Tiberius Kirk on the TV series Star Trek. He’s a fine character actor but he wouldn’t be a household name if he continued playing the role of Paul De Vinger on the TV series 77 Sunset Strip. But his success on Star Trek was always a double-edged sword as he was typecast in similar roles and idolized by rabid Star Trek fans. In a new documentary Get A Life, Shatner examines what makes Star Trek fans so obsessive and how his personal life has changed and will always be connected, for better or worse, to Star Trek.

Here’s the trailer for Get A Life

The documentary will premiere at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, July 14th at 7PM at Reading Cinemas Gaslamp. What better place to screen a film about obsessive fans than at San Diego Comic-Con? In the trailer, Shatner talks about how Star Trek has lived with him for almost 50 years and how he doesn’t know everything about it.

He has been to hundreds of Star Trek Conventions but has no idea what makes a Star Trek fan tick. He later talks to the fans of the series and ask why they love it so much. Set phasers to geek-out!

This is a good opportunity to watch Shatner come to terms with Star Trek fans and give them this love letter. William Shatner’s Get A Life will be available on XBOX Live on July 25th and will air on Epix TV on July 28th at 8PM EST.

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