Weird New Prometheus Viral Video

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

Since we’re now three months past Prometheus‘ theatrical release date, you wouldn’t expect new viral marketing to be popping up. Nevertheless, that’s precisely what’s happened today, courtesy of a mysterious new clip featuring Idris Elba. And while Prometheus left us with as many questions as answers, I don’t think the question on anyone’s mind was, “What does Idris Elba look like while being fitted for a spacesuit?”

The new viral clip, which was first posted over at HeyUGuys, is presumably to get people hyped up for the Blu-ray and DVD release of Prometheus on October 11th. And it’s going to do that by…uh…well, Idris looks pretty badass smoking a cigar, right? Yeah, I got nothing. Maybe the bizarre shapes and sounds leading up to the Idris footage are hinting at something yet to be revealed, but damned if I know what. Maybe they’re going to announce a new version of the film where the characters are less stupid. Do not pet the alien snake, people.

The video was accompanied by a new batch of stills that remind us of one thing: if nothing else, Prometheus sure does look pretty.