Weeping Angels Attack The London Olympics In This Doctor Who Minisode

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

The Olympics are coming to London this year, and as the quintessential British institution, it makes sense that The Doctor would want to get in on the fun. Unfortunately, so do the most horrifying members of his rogues gallery.

This new Doctor Who mini episode, titled “Good as Gold”, has it all. Crazy hair, Amy Pond, an Angel, and the Olympic torch. Watch…

Actually, this felt less like a mini-Doctor Who episode than it did a London Olympics tourism video. Come to London, meet The Doctor, see some guy try to light the Olympic torch before an Angel can kill him and steal the spirit of competition! Clearly none of this, particularly the fact that The Doctor can suddenly make Angels explode with his sonic screwdriver, is meant to be taken seriously.

It’s not cannon but it’s a lot of fun. “Good as Gold” was the winning entry for the 2012 Script to Screen competition, and it was written by a bunch of little kids. That explains a lot about the way it feels, doesn’t it? Here’s a quick look behind the scenes of the mini-ep, following the three little girls who wrote it…

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