Weekend Roundup: The Twelfth Doctor On The Subject Of Star Wars, Cowboy Bebop On Blu-Ray, And More!

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

CapaldiWelcome back to GFR’s Weekend Round-Up, where we shovel up a week’s worth of stories we didn’t get around to, load them into the patented GFR t-shirt plasma cannon, and launch a ball of superheated awesome right straight at your eyeholes. Here we go!

  • Fan worlds collide! Here’s the Twelfth Doctor himself (actor Peter Capaldi) on the subject of another sci-fi franchise you might have heard of…and it’s NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

  • If you’re a fan of Cowboy Bebop, mark your calendar: the series is coming to Blu-ray in North America sometime in 2014, courtesy of FUNimation. You want to see a teaser video? Of course you do.

  • The Ender’s Game movie continues to get more publicity from author Orson Scott Card’s controversial statements than it does for, well, the movie itself. Still, if you’re eagerly anticipating the film, you might want to add the upcoming Ender’s Game Battle School board game to your Christmas list. It lists for $25 and should be in stores around the time of Ender’s Game’s November 1 release date.

    Ender’s Game: Battle School is a two-player game set in the zero-gravity arena of the International Fleet’s Battle School. Players take the role of either Ender Wiggin and the Dragon Team or Bonzo Madrid and the Salamander Team, and then use Commander cards with special abilities (some for the whole team, some that only help the commander) to attempt to capture the other team’s gates or freeze opposing team players with laser-light guns. The player who completes either of the goals first (capturing all the gates or freezing the opposing commander) wins.


  • If you’ve spent the last couple of decades muttering to yourself, “My life won’t be complete without a comic book detailing the origins of the original Battlestar Galactica’s Starbuck, as played by actor Dirk Benedict,” then you’re in luck! And you should also get a hobby! But that’s okay, because your hobby can be reading that very thing.


  • Or, alternately, you could just go marvel at this ridiculous (in a good way) Lego model of a Cylon basestar.


  • More commercials should feature invisibility suits.

  • Ever wondered what a AK-47 would look like firing underwater? We’ve got your back with the video below, filmed at 27,450 frames per second.

  • Finally, we’ll leave you with this oh-so-purty shot of the Andromeda galaxy. You can see an embiggened version right here. So shiny…


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