Dinosaurs Will Rampage Through LA In New, Not Jurassic Park Movie

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

It’s an undeniable fact: dinosaurs are awesome. As kids, we find them both amazing and utterly terrifying for their size, strength, and mystery. And going back as far as Gertie the Dinosaur (possibly the first “real” animated film) in 1914, filmmakers have been inspired to play with and on our fascination with the prehistoric beasts. There have been plenty of permutations of dinosaurs on-screen – from the stop-motion creatures of Ray Harryhausen and various incarnations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World to the sympathetic younglings of The Land Before Time – and most have proven pretty popular with audiences. So popular that the internet erupts anytime there’s a word whispered about another Jurassic Park sequel. Warner Bros is banking on that popularity, since it just bought a film about “a rapidly evolving species of dinosaurs who attack modern Los Angeles.”

The as yet untitled movie was created as a “large-scale web series” by Break Media, an online media creator and distributor that claims to reach over 200 million users a month. According to the announcement on Deadline, a couple of folks over at Warner Bros saw Break’s tests and immediately picked up the feature film rights. Mike Bayman and John Clisham will co-write the screenplay, with Clisham also directing. Clisham has been a part of James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment for years, but neither he nor Bayman have more than a handful of shorts to their names.

“Dinosaurs rampage through LA” is the extent of the sci-fi action flick’s plot that the studio and creative team are willing to reveal so far. That makes it difficult to tell whether it’s going to be a straight action flick or a goofy “action” movie, although it sounds a bit like the creators mashed together the last act of Jurassic Park II and We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story. Since its origins are at a company that whose holdings include Chickipedia and Cage Potato, though, it’s quality may be more straight-to-DVD than Jurassic Park.