Watch All The Zombie Heads Explode In This Supercut

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

In the post-Romero zombie world, the headshot has become the only consistently reliable way to stop the undead. Over the years, countless zombie craniums have been blasted to bits by all manner of firearms. Some executions are graceful, gory, and convincing in their realism, while others are low budget and resemble firecrackers taped to a condom full of red paint. Either way, it’s always a lot of fun. Screen Junkies has put together a two-minute supercut of some of the more memorable zombie headshots in recent memory.

In 2003, when Japanese rock-and-roll zombie movie Wild Zero — one of my favorite films of all time, zombie or otherwise — was finally released on region one DVD, one of the bonus features was a built-in drinking game. Whenever certain things happen, an icon of a beer mug appears in the corner and you drink. This includes things like people combing their hair, yelling rock and roll, or when fire shoots out of anything (like motorcycles and microphones). The biggest threat to your sobriety, however, is the rule that states you must drink every time a zombie’s head explodes, something that happens with great frequency. A few words of warning if you take on this challenge: play with beer, not hard alcohol, and take a swig for occurrence, don’t try to chug for the entire time the icon is on the screen. I’ve experienced both ways, and neither ends well.

This compilation includes clips from genre classics like Dawn of the Dead (1978 and 2004), The Beyond, The Walking Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Zombi II, Shaun of the Dead, Day of the Dead (2008 and 1985), FleshEater, Zombieland, and many, many more.