Watch Everything Wrong With V For Vendetta

By Nick Venable | 6 years ago

Some cinematic versions of the future involve interplanetary travel, flying cars, or even giant freakin’ robots. (Guess which version is our favorite?) Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s alternate reality in V for Vendetta feels a lot less advanced than all that, and James McTeigue’s feature version was a solid representation of that repressed police state, but it’s not perfect, as evidenced by the video below, which captures all of the film’s more glaring faults. (Such as Natalie Portman not being the narrator’s girlfriend.)

You gotta love a video that starts out by saying it’s going to do its main task in “11 minutes or less” and then actually takes a little over 16 minutes to actually do that work. (The final three minutes or so are invested in adding “funny” alternate lines and dialogue over some of the movie’s scenes. Lebowski!) But enough about number-based semantics.

We all know how Cinema Sins videos work. They present a rundown of a movie’s plot holes, errors, and wonky character motivations, while also throwing in some of the writer/narrator’s own pet peeves. In the case of V for Vendetta, a mountainous 131 sins were listed. While I generally enjoy this movie quite a bit, despite its faults, I couldn’t really bitch too much about the abundance of questionable happenings on this list.

The greatest case this video makes is how often the film’s plot relies on completely bonkers coincidences. V just happens to always be everywhere at the exact time he’s supposed to, and also has a stunning array of talents that allow him to do just about anything he pleases. It’s stereotypical action hero fodder, but it’s oddly placed here.

As well, the police force in V for Vendetta is mind-numbingly inept, which I’d always disliked. I mean, Stephen Rea was in The Crying Game, so you’d think his investigative stills would be a little more tip-top by this point. (Yeah, I know that’s a dumb thing to say.) It is weird how this futuristic world is fully under Big Brother-type surveillance, except for any place that V happens to be. Maybe he has a shock collar that alerts him to places where cameras are recording.

But seriously, I think we can all agree that the dumbest thing about this movie is V’s meticulous Domino Rally set up. I’m all about things looking cool for art’s sake, but this guy probably had better things to do with his time.

v for vendettaTsk tsk tsk. So did we commit our own sin by not posting this until after the 5th of November? Remember, remember, we don’t really think timing is necessary here.

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