Watch Video Footage Of Back To The Future: The Ride In Japan

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Here’s a blast of the future from the past! In 1991, Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida opened Back to the Future: The Ride. It was one of the most innovative, state-of-the-art amusement park ride attractions at the time. Sadly, the ride was shut down and replaced by The Simpsons: The Ride in 2007. Below is video footage of Back to the Future: The Ride at Universal Studios in Konohana, Osaka, Japan.

After it closed in the U.S., Back to the Future: The Ride was shipped to Japan in 2008. The ride has the same layout, plot, and mechanics as its U.S. counterparts. The only difference is that the ride is now dubbed in Japanese instead of English.

Back to the Future: The Ride capitalized on the success of the franchise, which concluded the year before the ride opened in 1990. It was a sight to see! Waiting in line was a joy, with its pre-show story of time travel experiments at Doc Brown’s Institute of Future Technology, while Biff Tannen was trying to steal the DeLorean time machine for himself. And traveling through time wasn’t bad either. These sequences can now be watched on the Back to the Future Blu-ray set that was released a few years ago.

Sadly, the ride shut down in 2007 because it was getting worn and stale. At the time, it was the height of theme park technology, but through the years Back to the Future: The Ride was never updated or enhanced for modern park-goers. Along with Star Tours at Disney World, Back to the Future: The Ride was one of those rare experiences where you could actually experience the movies by being thrown into the middle of a science fiction adventure. Well, at least we’ve got the video…

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