Watch Video From The Dark Side Of Our Moon

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

It’s been the title of a Pink Floyd album and a Transformers movie, but we don’t often get a look at the dark (or back) side of our moon’s surface. The side that faces us, the side with the man in the moon’s face on it, is the only one we ever see. Astronauts flew around the back side during the Apollo missions and there have been a few photos taken of it, but now thanks to NASA’s new GRAIL missions we’re getting high quality video from the dark side of the moon.

The thing is, the dark side of the moon isn’t actually dark. It gets just as much sunlight as we do here on Earth. You’ll see bright sunlight shining off the surface in the video from GRAIL below…

The video was taken on January 19th by Ebb, one of the GRAIL spacecraft’s two probes (the other one is called Flow). It’s taken them till now to get it processed. Ebb and Flow will continue orbiting the lunar surface, examining the less seen dark side and measuring the moon’s gravity.

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