Seven Things To Watch Instead Of Transformers: Age Of Extinction

RoboRoboCop (1987)
The remake that came out earlier this year wasn’t nearly the train wreck we were expecting, but there’s just no replacing the original. Paul Verhoeven’s pitch-black, hyper-violent satire skewers ’80s American culture where it hurts, but manages to tell a genuinely ripping yarn that still stands as an undisputed genre classic nearly 30 years later. Peter Weller’s performance as Murphy/RoboCop gives the story some genuine heart and soul amidst a bleak, nihilistic world filled with unforgettable assholes such as Dick Jones and Clarence Boddiker, and helped set the cinematic bar for this sort of “what makes a man?” story. Like Ghostbusters or Back to the Future, RoboCop is one of those classic ’80s flicks that holds up perfectly three decades later, and I guarantee you its characters are more memorable, its dialogue more quotable, and its action scenes more rip-rousing than anything Michael Bay has to offer with twelve times the budget and a phalanx of CGI-crafting gnomes. (For the record, Verhoeven’s RoboCop budget: $13 million.) More importantly, you will actually care about Murphy, which is more than you’ll be likely to say about any of the constructs onscreen in Age of Extinction — human, robot, or otherwise.

Fun Robot Fact
RoboCop screenwriters Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner allegedly came up with the idea after seeing a poster for Blade Runner. Neumeier says he asked his friend what the movie was about and got the response, “It’s about a cop hunting robots.” This sparked the idea of a story about a cop who was also a robot.

Where Can I See It?
You can rent or purchase a digital copy from iTunes, Google Play, and others.

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