Watch This Trailer For The Blade Runner: The Final Cut U.K. Re-Release

By Brent McKnight | Published

Blade Runner 2 is primed and moving ahead with director Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners, Enemy at the helm), and star Harrison Ford set to reprise one of his greatest roles (though you have to wonder if his recent plane crash and injuries will have an impact on the timeline). More immediately, at least if you live in the U.K., Blade Runner: The Final Cut is getting a theatrical rerelease, and just in case you somehow sustained a head injury and forgot how great Blade Runner is, here’s a gorgeous trailer to remind you.

What can you say about Blade Runner that hasn’t already been said over the last 30-plus years, and probably in a much more eloquent manner to boot. Whatever transfer they’re using for this release looks fantastic, and the trailer is well cut. Basically, watching this just makes me wish to hell that I had the chance to see this on the big screen again. Maybe if U.S. audiences ask really nice this will hop the pond for a visit.

Blade Runner is one of director Ridley Scott’s greatest achievements (hell, I can forgive a dozen travesties like Exodus: Gods and Kings if it means we get a single movie like Blade Runner or Alien, and he’s given us all kinds of awesomeness over the years). Its influence is still ubiquitous among science fiction films, and you can see its DNA in damn near every genre film you care to name. Talking about this cut of his 1982 film, Scott said:

The Final Cut is my definitive version of Blade Runner, and I’m thrilled that audiences will have the opportunity to enjoy it in the way I intended — on the big screen. This new trailer captures the essence of the film and I hope will inspire a new generation to see Blade Runner when it is re-released.

For the few of you who are unfamiliar with Blade Runner, Ford plays Rick Deckard, a cop in a neo-noir, futuristic dystopia. A so-called Blade Runner, it’s his job to track down and identify a group of rogue replicants, bioengineered humanoid beings that have fled to Earth. Full of paranoia, unchecked corporate expansion, religious symbolism, technology run wild, and much, much more, thematically and aesthetically this ranks among the most important and significant modern sci-fi movies. And it’s fucking awesome.

Blade Runner: The Final Cut returns to U.K. theaters April 3, and if you have the chance, you should definitely check it out. Few movies will be as worth every cent you pay for a ticket as this one. But I suspect you already knew that.