Watch A New Star Trek Episode, Phase II Releases The Child

By Josh Tyler | Published

Though the original Star Trek was cancelled after its third season in 1969, there were plans to continue the show in a new series called Star Trek: Phase II. That never happened but scripts were written for the series that never got made. Now they’re being filmed thanks to the fans over at

They’ve released their newest episode, a take on an episode called “The Child”. It may seem familiar to fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation since this particular Phase II script was reused on Next Gen for that episode where Deanna Troi spontaneously gives birth to a fast-aging boy named Ian. Phase II’s take on the script is similar, with a few differences and a completely different cast of characters.

Before you watch, be warned: This is a fan film. The special effects are actually pretty fantastic but the acting is, well, it’s the sort of acting you’d expect in a fan film. Engage…

Previous Phase II Trek episodes are available on their official site. Among them you’ll even find a few featuring members of the original Star Trek casts.