Watch Sarah Connor Fight Jason Voorhees To The Death

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

Remember that super-amazing fan film Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness that was talked about last year? Well, the guys from WTFLOL are back with another ass-kicking battle between pop culture icons for a series they call Slash/Up. In the first installment, which you can watch above, Terminator heroine Sarah Connor puts her bullets where her mouth is as she heads to Camp Crystal Lake, where she faces the quasi-immortal horror monster Jason Voorhees, of Friday the 13th fame. Sci-fi vs. horror; now that’s a fight we can always get behind.

As fan films go, this first Slash/Up episode is superbly crafted. It’s obviously not in line with expensive Hollywood special effects, but it also doesn’t constantly make one wonder why people wasted their time on it. The concept of pop culture characters fighting each other is endlessly entertaining, and these are two of the biggest and baddest names that genre fiction has going for it.

As this is also partly a parody of the slasher genre, the plot isn’t too complicated. Basically, Sarah Connor’s car breaks down just as a group of teens stereotypes are getting ready to have stoned sex before being brutally murdered. Just a random night out in the woods for some. A couple of the throwaway characters are murdered almost immediately — but not before a too-brief sexual encounter occurs — and then Connor shows up to allow shit to get real.

It’s everything you’d want/expect from this kind of a fight. Connor uses a shotgun, a handgun, and a couple of bladed weapons to take Jason down, but he just keeps getting right back up. (The nerd character is a bit of a waste, but he’s like the surrogate audience member.) A surprise guest shows up to save the day just as Connor’s bullets are all used up. The Terminator himself shoots an explosive round into Jason’s chest and blows the dimwitted mass murderer in half. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the torso-free legs falling into the water like that. Comedy gore gold!

With your help, this won’t be the last of the Slash/Up shorts. As the one above took around six months to create and $4,000 out of pocket, the filmmaking unit Dead Pixel has started up a Kickstarter campaign to pay for another two or three episodes. Their next idea? Neo vs. Freddy Krueger. Someone tell my wife that I might get a second mortgage in order to make that short happen.

slash up

Head to the Dead Pixel Kickstarter page for more information, and let us know who you’d want to see duking it out in upcoming episodes.