Watch Prometheus’ Corporate Stooge Promise To Change The World

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Lurking somewhere in the background of the Alien franchise is the far too often overlooked idea that humanity, not the murderous xenomorphs, are the real villains. That nefarious nature is usually represented by the Weyland-Yutani corporation, embodied in Aliens by Paul Reiser as their corporate stooge.

The upcoming Alien prequel Prometheus will continue that theme. Ridley Scott has just revealed that Guy Pearce will play the obligatory corporate stooge in the film. In fact he’s not just any corporate stooge, but Peter Weyland himself.

But you won’t have to wait for the release of Prometheus to find out who Peter Weyland is. Thanks to TED we now have a look at a speech given by Weyland… in the future. The following video comes from a TED Talk in the year 2023 in which Weyland recounts the story that inspired the title of Ridley Scott’s upcoming movie, invokes Lawrence of Arabia and promises that if you indulge him… he’d like to change the world. Watch…

Even in this short video Pearce is, predictably, amazing. He plays Weyland like a sort of evil, egomaniac version of Steve Jobs. This is likely just the first of many viral videos to be released in advance of Prometheus. Stick around and we’ll bring you more as they surface.

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