Watch Patrick Stewart Celebrate Christmas With The Most Absurd Hat Ever

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

We know Christmas was two days ago, but, especially with a weekend right after, we’re all still in the shadow of the holiday, sort of working in the interim between the birth of Baby Jesus (and Sir Isaac Newton) and the start of the new calendar year. Christmas is the kind of holiday you can stretch out for as long as you want, and in that spirit, here is a video of Patrick Stewart wearing what is maybe the most ridiculous holiday hat you’ve ever seen. Enjoy.

Stewart will always be beloved by fans for roles like Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation and as Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men movies. That’s enough to earn most of our eternal love and admiration, but a big part of why so many people truly connect with him is because of stunts like this. He can be deadly serious in his acting and choice of parts, but also completely silly and goofy in situations like this (this is also a big reason why his pal Ian McKellen falls into a similar category, serious older gentleman with a bit of a fun, mischievous streak).

Stewart tweeted this video out on Christmas Eve, with a simple “Merry Christmas,” and with the absolutely perfect title, “Sweet Hat, Bro.” His wife, Sunny Ozell, is responsible for filming this video and uploading it to YouTube. And, judging by the expression on Stewart’s face, she’s probably the one who made him put the hat on in the first place. He does not look particularly pleased to have a singing, dancing elf cap anywhere near his head, which makes the whole thing that much funnier and more endearing. But even a hardened cynic can’t resist something so festive, and he breaks down before the song wraps up—how could you not? And in the end, he’s the one who responsible for spreading this video wide, because he knew that his fans would all get a kick out of it.

This also isn’t the first time Stewart has been involved in the spreading holiday cheer on the internet, even inadvertently. Last year this video made the rounds, and features Stewart and some of his Next Generation shipmates edited together in a version of “Let it Snow” like you’ve never heard before. Nothing says Happy Holidays like this.

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