Watch Newt And Ripley Sing In Aliens: The Musical

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

You know what James Cameron’s Aliens really needed? It’s a nice little genre movie, to be sure, but what really would have made it something special is Newt and Ripley singing a song together at the end. Well now the internet has answered all of your prayers and given you just that, with Aliens: The Musical.

From Jon and Al Kaplan, the minds behind the LEGO Silence of the Lambs musical, Aliens: The Musical finds Newt and Ripley warbling a mournful duet bemoaning the sorry state of affairs on planet LV-426. You know, with swarms of armor-plated alien killing machines running around and all.

My favorite part of this whole song is the bit where they recount all of the more minor characters—I love the faces Bill Paxton makes—and the “I guess it’s up to Fincher” line.

If Prometheus has left you wanting more of this universe, but you don’t have enough time to revisit the entire Alien quadrilogy, give Aliens: The Musical a few moments of your time. Honestly, more than anything else, this makes me want to rewatch Alien, Aliens, and maybe the other two films if I can squeeze them in. (Titles that involve the words “versus” and “predator” need not apply.)

While funny, it’s worth nothing that this is nowhere near as good as The Wire: The Musical video that has been floating around. That shit blew my mind.

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