Watch John Carter Duke It Out With A Giant White Ape In This Extended Clip

By David Wharton | Updated

We’ve seen tons of small moments from the upcoming John Carter film directed by Andrew Stanton, but the big question remains: how well will it all play together? The movie has an uphill battle when it comes to winning over new fans who aren’t familiar with the books, because the core concept, let’s face it, contains a lot of weird ideas. It’s set on Mars, but not a Mars that looks anything like what we know the real Mars is like. It’s got that science fiction-y conceit of going to another planet, but it’s actually set in the aftermath of the American Civil War. There are flying machines and strange devices, but people spend a lot of time fighting with swords. And this Carter guy appears to be a normal human, so how come he’s jumping around like one of the Super Mario Brothers? These concepts may not be hard to swallow for lifelong SF/fantasy fans, but it’s a lot to digest for the uninitiated, and goodness knows Disney’s marketing campaign has done the film no favors.

If there’s one thing that will carry new fans past the confusion, it’s an exciting story well told, and John Carter has all the potential to be just that. Now a new clip released by Yahoo Movies UK has an extended look at one of the action sequences they’ve been teasing for months now: John Carter’s gladiatorial battle against an enormous, blind white ape. Take a look:

What say you? Does that clip make you more or less excited for the flick? John Carter opens in theaters on March 9th.