Watch The Hunger Games Used To Mock Lana Del Ray

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

Lana Del Ray must have whiplash from the quick shifts in cultural opinion about her.  First she’s adored, then she tanks on Saturday Night Live, now the internet is brimming with spoofs and mockery of her deadpan, “hipster torch song” style.  But one spoof rises above them all.  

Written and performed by The Second City cast member Holly Laurent, “Lana Del Ray’s Hunger Games” splices together random cartoons, vintage home movies and educational film, and clips from The Hunger Games trailers (edited to be the same washed-out quality as the other footage) into a great mockery of Del Ray’s visual and vocal style.  It also gently pokes fun at some of the sillier things in The Hunger Games that fans of the books will enjoy.

I never really got on the Lana Del Rey train (either the Hate or Adore lines), but find this intensely hilarious. Part of the humor comes just from the combination of nonsensical gathering of random footage, the only connection between them being that they match a weird, “ironic” hipster sensibility being mocked by the video.  Mostly, though, it’s just because of the genius, genius, ridiculous lyrics.  Here are some of the best gems:

“Hunting in the meadow/Gale’s just a guy that I know/He’s got a girl’s name”

“This district smells like rat piss/My name is Katniss/I play the Hunger Games”

“I don’t want Peeta to be dead/A pita is a pouch of bread/but that’s his name” (paired with clips of Peeta emoting intensely in Katniss’s direction)

“Kissing in our hidden shed/Rain drippin on our heads/Fucking Hunger Games”

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