Watch High School Kids Make A Battlestar Galactica Flight Simulator

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

When I was in High School I couldn’t watch Battlestar Galactica because my parents were too poor to afford cable. And even if I’d wanted to watch it, I was too busy working my part-time job after school so that I could afford to put gas in my beat-up 1978 Oldsmobile and buy clothes. Here’s a bunch of well-off high school kids who not only have cable, they have the resources to construct their own Battlestar Galactica, Viper flight simulator out of an old airplane cockpit in their garage. But will they be able to finish installing high-def video monitors in time for Maker Faire? Ah, rich kid problems.

My issues with envy aside, what this bunch of rich kids have going on is pretty cool. They’re on Week 23 of their project and they have 55 days left to go. Here’s an overview of what they’ve done so far along with their newest video detailing the construction of their Viper simulator…

The Viper Promo

Week 23 Update

If you want to follow along with their progress, or if you just want to donate money because clearly they don’t have enough, hit up the You Tube Channel of their 13-year-old filmmaker brother. I bet he doesn’t have to clean carpets for lunch money.

All kidding aside, it’s kind of great that these kids are willing to actually put so much work into something when, let’s face it, with the kind of money their parents must be pulling down they probably don’t have to. I worked hard in high school because I didn’t want to starve. They’re working hard just because they like to roll up their sleeves. They’ll go far with that kind of work ethic. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.