Watch The Doctor Meet Santa Claus In This Doctor Who Christmas Special Clip

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

It’s truly a magical time of the year for Whovians everywhere, as we’re only ten days away from the latest of Doctor Who’s annual Christmas specials. And if you just can’t wait, if you need a fix from the long running sci-fi adventure, like bad, here is an explosive (sorry, had to be done) new clip from the upcoming episode.

Ominously titled “The Last Christmas,” this installment promises to be a doozy for a variety of reasons. First, it features none other than the big guy himself, Santa Claus, played by general awesome dude, and frequent Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg collaborator, Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead, The World’s End). That alone makes for a rad way to celebrate Christmas and is enough to entice many viewers, but this is the episode that we’ve been told will reveal the ultimate fate of the Doctor’s (Peter Capaldi) latest travelling companion, Clara (Jenna Louise Coleman).

There have been rumors and unsubstantiated reports circling for months that she is leaving after this episode, while other contradictory information has also surfaced saying she’s going to stay on. One report indicates that she originally intended to leave but then changed her mind and decided to remain, which sounds plausible. For their part, no one is revealing anything definite, but one source from the BBC said this is the episode where it all becomes clear. So if she does depart, it may turn out to be one bummer of a Christmas for a certain Time Lord.

This clip shows what appears to be the first introduction to Santa. We don’t know why the Doctor and his crew are at the North Pole, but one thing is for certain, Santa Claus, if he is the real Santa, sure knows how to make an entrance.

Doctor WhoAfter blowing a hole in the wall, he is preceded by a phalanx of Slinkys and an armed guard of toy robots, which are way more threatening than you normally expect.

Doctor WhoAnd when we first lay eyes on the jolly, bearded fellow, it’s a memorable image, as he shows up riding on the back of his iconic red-nosed reindeer, Rudolph. That bit where he uses the clicker, like he’s setting the alarm in his car, kills me.

“The Last Christmas” looks fun and campy, but also like it has a nice sinister edge to it. A little balance between light and dark never hurts. The episode airs on Christmas Day.

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