Watch Deleted Scenes From Firefly And Fall In Love With The Show All Over Again

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

The Firefly 10th Anniversary Special: Browncoats Unite which aired on the Science Channel this past fall proved that there’s still plenty of enthusiasm for the short-lived series in the fan community. The “space Western” is a reminder of a time when geek mastermind Joss Whedon wasn’t a mainstream success and an unstoppable force in Hollywood. Now a few deleted scenes from Firefly, originally aired as part of the special, have popped up on the Internet for all to enjoy!

The first deleted scene is from Firefly’s two-hour pilot episode titled “Serenity.” While Kaylee is recovering from a gunshot wound, Simon and Book talk about the origins of the titular ship, and why they chose this ship among the many at the space dock. Afterwards, Simon does some further research on the Battle of Serenity Valley and Zoe tells him why the name was important to Captain Malcolm Reynolds. Please note, Simon uses an iPad-like device with a Siri-like assistant almost 10 years before Apple released these products.

The second deleted scene is also from the pilot episode, and features a flashback to the Battle of Serenity Valley, where Mal and Zoe wait for extraction while soldiers die around them. We see why Mal hates God.

The third and final deleted scene is from the episode “Our Mrs. Reynolds” and features a very young Summer Glau and Christina Hendricks. It also features River’s trademark wackiness and clairvoyance, as she believes the new Serenity passenger — and Mal’s new wife — Saffron is up to no good.

These scenes were also included on the Firefly Blu-ray/DVD sets, but in our humble opinion, it’s never a bad time to rewatch Firefly stuff. Although the show hasn’t been on the air since 2002, and there hasn’t been any new live-action content from the property since 2005’s Serenity feature film, Browncoats everywhere love, cherish, and hope for new and exciting things in the Firefly ‘verse. With the hopes of a new animated TV series and Serenity 2, here’s hoping Firefly will live on with old and new fans alike.

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