Watch Dave Bautista Impersonate Tinkerbell In This Guardians Of The Galaxy Outtake

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

Dave Bautista is a big, scary dude, which is why he was the perfect choice to play Drax the Destroyer in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, because the character is a big, scary dude. But the actor also has a silly side, something else that served him well in the James Gunn-directed space adventure. That has rarely, if ever, been as evident than in this outtake of him doing a Tinkerbell impression on set. Yes, this is footage of a 6 foot 6, 265 pound former professional wrestler and MMA fighter flapping around in the air like a tiny fairy, and it may be the best thing you see all day. Enjoy.

If you’ve been paying attention, it should be no surprise that Gunn shared this clip on his Facebook page. The maverick director has been all over social media since day one, sharing all kinds of fun behind-the-scenes stuff with fans. It’s awesome to see filmmakers who are that excited to interact and engage with the audience.

Being lifted by wires, hopefully very sturdy wires, Bautista kicks and flaps, which probably helped out a ton. Set in front of a green screen, you don’t automatically know where this comes from in the actual movie, but Gunn, ever willing to oblige, says in the comments that this comes from a moment in the notorious prison the Kyln, where Drax jumps, lands, and tears a robot into pieces.

This obviously isn’t in Guardians, but maybe Bautista is auditioning for a role in some upcoming live action adaptation of Peter Pan that we don’t know about. Disney does own Marvel after all. In my mind this totally made up movie has way more explosions and fist fights than your standard jaunt to Neverland. I would totally watch that movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy just hit DVD and Blu-ray, and I imagine if you haven’t already picked it up, many of you will find a copy in your stockings come Christmas morning. Guardians 2 is scheduled to hit theaters May 5, 2017, and while we don’t know what that story will entail, we have heard that Drax will play a part in the third Avengers adventure. That makes a great deal of sense because we now know it is the two-part Infinity War, and he figures prominently in that arc in the comics. And hopefully this isn’t the last we see of his Tinkerbell impression.

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