Watch A Cute Girl Build A Life-Size Replica Of The TARDIS

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Let’s be honest here, since it’s just me and you. Cute girls can make just about anything interesting. And while no one else who’s been tweeting about this video is actually coming right out and saying it, the following footage would be completely unwatchable if the girl in it wasn’t pretty cute.

But she is cute, so there’s a chance you might want to watch. It helps that she has a sort of vaguely, fem David Tennant vibe going on, as an undercurrent beneath her cuteness. Watch…

I’m pretty sure her TARDIS isn’t bigger on the inside. It is however a pretty accurate recreation of the exterior, right down to the lights. Well done cute girl.

Now imagine watching this same video if cute girl with accent were replaced by fat guy with ass crack. You can’t fight the double standard. It’s good to be a cute girl in the era of random videos on the internet.

Don’t worry ladies, we’re already hot on the trail of a video in which a shirtless Matthew McConaughey lookalike builds a scale replica of Spaceball One.