Watch These Five Chappie TV Spots Explore The Savior Of Humanity

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

Neill Blomkamp’s action packed robot drama Chappie is just over two weeks away, and as we’re getting near to the final promotional push, Sony has released five more badass new TV spots for their movie that looks like the love child of RoboCop and Short Circuit. We mean that in the best possible way, and over the course of these videos, the story starts to come into clearer focus.

Set in a dystopian near future where everything has gone totally to shit (isn’t that always the way?), Chappie tells the story of an inventor (Dev Patel), who creates the first artificially intelligent robot, an invention that couldn’t have come at a better time for humanity. He must bring peace to a world that has devolved into complete and utter chaos, so there’s no pressure or anything on the robot that’s basically a child experiencing the wonder of the world for the first time. In order to do this, however, as you can see in this ad, Chappie is going to have to kick a lot of ass to insure peace. And you get to see Hugh Jackman, a rival inventor, and his mullet, be a raging dick. So there’s that.

I’m still curious to see how this one lone robot in a sea of angry, sinister robots is the key to saving the day for humanity, but I’m sure we’ll get more of that when the movie drops. After all, you have to save something for the theaters, right?

This spot plays up what a huge technological advancement Chappie is, emphasizing that he is just a massive leap forward in terms of artificial intelligence. As with all new things, there is a backlash from those who don’t understand, and you see some of the intolerance he faces at the hands of the ignorant. This kind of obvious social allegory is right up Blomkamp’s alley. Hopefully it will be a little more subtle than his last outing, Elysium.

This clip shows Chappie’s origins as a part of an oppressive robotic police force used to control the masses. Apparently some folks steal one of the robo-officers and modify it, giving him the ability to think for himself. And that “I am alive” line sounds even more like Short Circuit than what we’ve seen before.

In this last one, you get good idea of the state of the world in the film. Crime has obviously run rampant, hence the boot-on-the-throat mechanical police force, not to mention Hugh Jackman’s ED-209 looking drone cops. When they steal and alter Chappie, it could be just the spark necessary to save the day.

Chappie opens on March 6.