Watch A Battle Robot Become Self-Aware In The Incredible Short Film Archetype

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Aaron Sims has been working in special effects since the 80s. You’ve seen his work in films like Men in Black, Fantastic Four, and Terminator: Rise of the Machines. But for his latest project he’s taken things to an entirely different level.

Sims has made the jump from visual FX master to legitimate director with his new short film Archetype. It’s not just that it looks good, it really does, but that Sims directs the whole thing in a stunning, stylish, and emotionally resonate way. In under five minutes he tells the beginnings of a pretty incredible story, one you can easily see Hollywood snatching up and turning into a full length feature.

Watch it and be amazed. Here’s Archetype

If you’re wondering why the short’s lead actor looks familiar, it’s only because you’ve seen him… well… everywhere. That’s Robert Joy, one of the hardest working character actors in the business. More recently he’s been a regular on CSI: NY, but you’d be hard pressed to turn your television on at any time in the past twenty years and not find him on it.

As for Archetype, no word yet on what Sims’ further plans for the story are, but if you’re like me and you want to see more… then spread the word. Get your friends watching and talking about Archetype and then maybe, just maybe Sims will get the money he needs to tell RL7’s full story.