Watch Analog, An Experimental Sci-Fi Short

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

What better way to spend Memorial Day than inside, in front of a computer, watching an experimental sci-fi short? That’s what I’ve been doing instead of enjoying a rare blue-sky day in Seattle. Analog is a longish short (27 minutes) from filmmaker Ebbetto. Check it out below, and we’ll reconvene afterwards.

Analog definitely isn’t going to be for everyone. It is slow and obtuse, and while I tend to dig that kind of deliberate, cautious tempo, I’ll admit, the whole thing does feel too long. Something that shouldn’t happen in a movie that’s less than 30 minutes is for it to be repetitive, but there are some elements that occur over and over and trip up the pace.

That said, Analog is still an interesting watch. There is a creepy ambience, and while that blanched out visual style can overwhelm your eyes from time to time, the look is consistent and unique.

What little traditional narrative there is—Analog is an exercise in visual storytelling—revolves around a craft travelling around deep space. The mission of the vessel is to sustain the man living inside. There’s a pseudo Adam and Eve story going on—like I said earlier, obtuse—which the ship apparently doesn’t like, and things spiral off from there.

More than likely there’s going to be a love/hate divide with Analog. This isn’t normally my cup of tea—and if they’d trimmed seven or eight minutes the pacing issues could have been smoothed over—but I enjoyed the film, and think it’s worth checking out if you have half an hour to kill.