Watch The Adorable Time Travel Short Double Trouble

By Nick Venable | 6 years ago

What’s the craziest thing you would do for love? Would you climb to the top of a building a scream about it from the rooftop? Would you get a tattoo of your lover’s face on your torso? Would you travel through time and beat up another version of yourself? If you answered yes to the last one, you might just be the star of the new short film Double Trouble, which you can check out below.

Nobody needs huge budgets and billions of digitally created pixels to pull off a successful time travel story. Double Trouble is a quaint and silly tale, following a sheepish young lad, Simon (Marcus and Mattias Thernström Florin), whose aim to talk to a lovely lady, Jennifer (Emelia Hansson), is squashed by the girl walking away before he can say anything. Luckily, he steps on a pocketwatch that allows him the ability to turn back time by winding the watch. This, of course, leads to a little bit of mayhem, as different versions of himself appear each time he uses the watch.

Things do take a bit of a cartoonish turn once all of the different Simons come out, but it does make the short stand out in that way. I admit to chuckling when Jennifer is watching Simon-o-rama blinking in and out of existence. And the ending is pretty great as well, with Jennifer’s time traveling doubles coming out to play once the two have finally met up. Am I the only one who would be super excited to see different versions of the same girl appear out of nowhere? Yowzah.

double trouble

I mean, the only thing my watch has ever done is tell the wrong time and wish that it was a calculator watch.

Double Trouble is the creation of Swedish filmmakers Andreas Climent and André Hedetoft, who wrote and directed the short last year. They used a Kickstarter campaign to fund it, releasing the finished film to fans a few days ago. The pair previously worked on a slightly horrific take on Wolverine (of the X-Men) for the short film Logan.

They’re leaving time travel behind for their next project, the feature film Bieffekterna, but it still seems to be in the science fiction genre. It will follow three college students — including Emelia Hansson — who are researching cell aging, and when one of them is diagnosed with cancer, they experiment with different things to try and keep him alive. But they soon find out that messing with science can lead to disaster. Climent and Hedetoft plan on bringing Bieffekterna to audiences next year.

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